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Li Shek Lin, born in Malaysia in 1949, is a Hakka native from Fui Yong Tam Shui, Guangdong province. Civil war in China and the worsening relation between the United Kingdom and Malaysia’s Communist Party (the latter’s anti-colonial movement caused the ruling Brits to be suspicious of the Chinese community) led to a large number of Malaysian Chinese to move back to China. It was against this background that Li Shek Lin’s grandmother returned to China in 1949, taking the infant Li Shek Lin with her.

李石連,1949年馬來亞出生,廣東惠陽淡水客家人,馬來亞華僑(馬來西亞在1963年9月16日正式建立,馬來亞成為馬來西亞的一部份)。由於中國國共內戰的影響,英國與馬來亞共產黨的關係日益惡化,馬共的反殖民活動使英國對華人社會的戒心 日俱增,導致大量華人返國。李石連的奶奶在新中國成立的那一年(1949年)帶他回國。

Li Shek Lin’s family settled in Dongguan. He had a happy childhood but by March 1959 his family began to be affected by famine. In 1962 he and a bunch of friends decided to leave the Mainland, and set out from Dongguan in leisure, before eventually making their way and arriving in Hong Kong. They worked in a factory for a time. Then in 1968 when Li Shek Lin was working at a Hong Kong style teahouse (cha cang teng) he ran into a friend who referred him to Pak Mei Kung Fu master, Kwok Chi Cheong (1928-70), to study martial arts. His martial arts school was located on the third floor of a building at No. 256 Lai Chi Kok Road. From this point on Li Shek Lin spent much of his free time at the school.


Li Shek Lin became an assistant instructor after around six months of training. He was mainly assisting his martial arts elder brother, Kwok Chun Yau (Kwok Chi Cheong’s son), who was a very good tit daa healer, so he came to study tit daa (and is now a registered tit daa practitioner). Under his master’s instruction Li Shek Lin progressed up to Gau Bou Teoi, one of the key boxing sets in Pak Mei, and learnt Ng Haang Daai Jat Gwan (long pole set) and Sin Faa Bou Dung (wooden bench). After Kwok Chi Cheong’s passing he mainly studied from his elder martial arts brother, who taught him Ying Ceong (plum blossom spear), Baa Wong Ceong (another spear form), and the Daai Paa set taught by his master’s elder martial arts brother Ng Yiu. Kwok Chun Yau was often away in Taiwan for filming, and in 1979 he migrated to Australia and let his uncle, Wong Ying Cheung, take over the martial arts school. In 1981 Li Shek Lin moved to Tai Wai and taught martial arts at the school on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and at the park on weekends. He was working as a driving instructor in Shatin at the time.

李石連習武半年後就當上助教,協助師兄郭振猶(郭熾昌的兒子)。師兄郭振猶跌打技術很好,他就跟著學習(現為註冊跌打醫師)。李石連從師傅學拳套學到九步推為止,兵器學了五行大陣棍及仙花寶凳。郭熾昌過世後主要由師兄教導,如櫻槍、霸王槍,吳耀師伯教的大耙,但郭振猶常到台灣拍電戲。郭振猶1979年移民澳洲,武館由王恩祥接手(郭振猶的舅父)。李石連1981年搬到大 居住,星期六日在公園授武,一、三、五晚到武館,當時他在沙田工作,職業駕駛員。

In 2000 Li Shek Lin and his martial arts brothers formerly changed Kwok Chi Cheong Calisthenics Association to Kwok Chi Cheong Sports Association, which was mainly used for maintaining social relations and organizing gatherings for their branch of Pak Mei, as well as to promote the style. In 2009 Li Shek Lin established Pak Mei Li Shek Lin Sports Association, while his martial arts brothers encouraged him to nurture a few in-chamber disciples, to ensure the inherited teachings will be properly passed down, while young people would also help to run the association. In August the same year, a formal initiation ceremony was organized for his in-chamber disciples during a public performance at Kowloon Park Kung Fu Pavilion (each of the disciples had been with Li Shek Lin for a minimum of five years). In 2015 Li Shek Lin became the first president of Hakka Kung Fu Culture Research Society.


Li Shek has been practicing martial arts for over half a century, and continues to teach today. He has regular social gatherings with his martial arts brothers, such as training together or going to teahouse every Saturday. Already at an advanced age but martial arts remain an integral and inseparable part of his life.