Exhibits | 展品
Wong Yiu Kau was born in Hong Kong in 1960 and is a native of Dongguan, Guangdong province. He is the only child in his family. His career spanned several industries from entertainment (he was an actor) to construction, and is at present a maintenance worker at the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

黃耀球, 1960年香港出生,籍貫廣東東莞。家中獨子。曾經當演員、建築工人、現為賽馬會維修員。

In 1971 at the age of eleven Wong Yiu Kau started to work. At first he worked at the construction site at The Excelsior Hong Kong in Causeway Bay (it was completed in 1973). Every day he took the ferry to work as the cross-harbour tunnel was not yet complete (construction for the cross-harbour tunnel began on 1st September 1969 and the tunnel officially opened on 2nd August 1972). The work environment at the construction site was very bad and there were people from all sorts of background. Through a friend’s introduction Wong Yiu Kau went to study martial arts with Lung Ying master Poon Fong in Temple Street, but this only lasted a short while. In 1972 his father took him to San Po Kong King Fuk Street Lam Yiu Gwai Martial Arts School to become a formal disciple of Lam Woon Kwong (1903-1993). Learning that Wong Yiu Kau had studied with Poon Fong, Lam Yiu Kwong asked him to perform a boxing set – Saam Tong Gwo Kiu – after which he decided to take him in as a student.


At the time Wong Yiu Kau trained with over ten martial art brothers daily from Monday to Friday from eight to ten o’clock in the evening. He had to go through a formal “tea-pouring” initiation ceremony in front of the ancestors’ shrine (where there also was a plaque for Fung Fo Yuen). Six months later after having learnt Dragon Style Mo Kiu, his master took him in as a formal disciple. There was another initiation ceremony and he became the sixth generation lineage holder. Lam Woon Kwong began to give him private instruction after class, and allowed him to sleep in the school, so that he could master the finer details of technical application and self-defense. This went on for two years until he fully mastered Lam Woon Kwong’s teachings.


In 1978 Wong Yiu Kau became the instructor at Hui Chau Guoshu & Calisthenics Institute (now in Tsuen Wan) founded by his sifu. He created a two-men training set and was invited by the Taiwan Army to perform at the Double Tenth Day in 1979. In 1980 Lam Woon Kwong sifu asked Wong Yiu Kau to teach at Dragon Sign Athletic Association. After teaching full-time for three years, due to the irregular nature of his other job as an actor, he stopped teaching for a while but continued to visit his sifu as often as he could. In 1990 he spent a lot of time with his sifu practicing martial arts. Master Lam wished Wong Yiu Kau to take over his school and Lam Woon Kwong’s grandson helped apply for a license. In the same year Lam Woon Kwong had a stroke and had to be hospitalized, and asked Wong Yiu Kau to look after the school. Wong Yiu Kau was living in Lam Tin at the time. Every morning one of his martial art brothers picked him up at six o’clock by car and took him to the martial art school. Training continued until nine o’clock when they customarily went to a teahouse for a break, and resumed training after that. In 1993 Lam Woon Kwong passed away. Before he died he passed all his medicinal manuals, kung fu manuscripts and weapons to Wong Yiu Kau. In 1994 the martial arts school was closed according to the wish of his master’s widow.


Wong Yiu Kau wishes to pass down the kung fu he has inherited to the next generation and make it grow. When his sifu was still alive he constantly encouraged him to persevere and seek improvment, telling him to remain humble and continue to seek knowledge without cease, as that is the only way to attain mastery in Lung Ying kung fu. Nowadays, Wong Yiu Kau exhorts his students to better themselves in the same terms.