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Kowloon City Chow Gar Preying Mantis
Master Ip Shui’s School |
In 1900s Master Lau Shui of Tung Kong Chow Gar Preying Mantis came to Hong Kong. At first he taught martial arts and ran his medical practice at Shau Kei Wan Ship-building Union’s “Sai Yi Gung Wui”. Two years later he moved to Hung Hom where he established his own clinic-cum-martial arts studio. In 1929 Lau Shui took Ip Shui in as a disciple. During Hong Kong’s occupation he was cared for by Ip Shui who, in turn, inherited his full teachings.


After the war (in 1950) Ip Shui began teaching Tung Kong Chow Gar Preying Mantis in Hung Hom, where he opened his own school in Malacca Street. In 1961 he moved the school to its present location in Kowloon City. It is one of the oldest urban martial art schools in Hong Kong and is run by his son Master Ip Chi Keung.